Sewage Treatment


The urgent need to treat sewage has become one of the main issues on the national agenda of the State of Israel and of many other countries around the world and for good reason: Treatment of sewage enables the use of recycled wastewater for agricultural irrigation in place of potable water (drinking water) and also assists in protecting the quality of the environment.


Due to the importance of the matter, EMS Mekorot Projects took on the professional and ecological challenge of treating and improving the quality of sewage.


EMS designs and builds sewage treatment plants that recycle water for reuse in agriculture at two levels:


  • Wastewater – treated water that has undergone a purification process, generally a multi-stage process  that removes the contamination components from the effluent and allows its reuse in restricted irrigation of agricultural crops.


  • Recycled water – wastewater that is suitable for unrestricted irrigation of all types of agricultural crops.


As part of the activities in this field, EMS provides a range of technological solutions for sewage water treatment using a turnkey method, tailoring the solution to the meet the customer’s requirements and accepted standards. The treatment systems designed and manufactured by EMS are generally regulated by programmable controllers that facilitate automatic operation and optimal operation of the facility.


EMS’s Expertise in the Fields of Drains and Sewage:


  • Establishing sewage treatment plants for municipalities and local authorities.


  • Establishing compact sewage treatment plants


  • Secondary and tertiary treatment and recovering effluent for agriculture and landscaping.


  • Electrical and mechanical installation of sewage treatment equipment in the field.


  • Treatment of industrial effluent


  • Setting up sewage and effluent pumping stations.


  • Membrane facilities for sewage treatment (MBR)


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