Palmachim Pumping Staion


The Palmahim Expansion project was aimed at preparing the Mekorot pumping station for the intake and streaming of desalinated water at double the existing discharge rate, up from 45 million cu. m. per annum to 90 million cu. m. per annum.


The project’s main activities included:


¨       Replacement of all four pumping units and preparing new units for the increased discharge rate.


¨       Replacement of the delivery system at the site.


¨       Upgrading and replacement of the high voltage electrical boards and control panels.


¨       Upgrading the chlorination and sampling system


¨       Upgrading and modifying the software for the new system.


The complexity of the project resulted mainly from two factors:


1.      The need to carry out the majority of the work during the pumping station’s continuous operation, without affecting the intake of desalinated water obtained from the Palmahim desalination plant, and while supplying water to the national system.


2.      Carrying out all the work, especially   the pipe work and connecting the pumping units, in a very restricted floor area.


These two factors required meticulous design and control over the preparation and execution at every stage, with particular emphasis on the security aspect and in full coordination with many different entities, including the Palmahim desalination plant.



The execution of all the aforementioned aspects  adhered to the project’s objectives, including meeting deadlines.



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