Command and Control Systems

Command and Control Systems

In order to ensure a regular supply of quality water, command and control systems are necessary, which allow automatic remote control of the water facilities.

Control over the water system in Israel requires the establishment of a control center, from which all the command and control systems will be operated The extensive experience accumulated by EMS Mekorot Projects was required to develop such a system.
The data is gathered by the control center using instruments in the field, through the local and remote command and the command, control and operating systems.
The data flows in to the command and control center, 24/7, and provides an accurate picture of the situation at the facilities at the various sites.

Command and Control Systems
The range of EMS’s services in this field includes:
  • Satellite, wireless, landline or cellular based remote command and control systems.

  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems and setting up main and subsidiary command and control centers.

  • Local command and control and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems.

  • Setting up computer systems, communications networks and computer communications infrastructure.

  • Integrating data encryption technologies to create secure communications networks.