Against the backdrop of the continued growth in the population of the Jerusalem metropolitan area, the water supply system to the Capital is rapidly approaching maximum output capacity, expected to be reached within a few short years. In order to prevent a water shortage in the area, an additional 100″ water pipeline to Jerusalem has been planned – the fifth pipeline.
EMS Mekorot Projects is playing an important part in laying the pipeline to the Capital and constructing booster stations along the way.
The Fifth Jerusalem System was approved by the National Infrastructures Committee as a national infrastructure project. This fact reflects the importance of the project not only for Jerusalem itself, but also for neighboring settlements, neighboring factories and the Palestinian Authority (pursuant to political agreements).
The project is one of the largest and most complex ever undertaken by EMS Projects. The total cost is approximately NIS 2.5 billion and is expected to offer a full solution to the Jerusalem metropolitan area by 2065.
By that time, the consumption is expected to top 1.65 million cu. m. per day, compared to the current consumption of about 340,000 cu. m. per day.