EMS Mekorot Projects is conducting expansion work at the Granot desalination plant, located in southern Israel.  Starting this coming summer, the plant will produce 20,000 cu. m. per day of desalinated water. As opposed to seawater desalination, this particular facility desalinates brackish water pumped from boreholes in the area, and thus prevents the spread of brackish water throughout the coastal aquifer. Future expansion to a desalination capacity of 50,000 cu. m. per day is planned.

The Water Authority reach a decision to increase the discharge capacity of the facility from 9,000 cu. m. per day to 20,000 M^3/day, in the wake of Israel’s ongoing and incessant water crisis.

Despite the complexity of the project and the short time schedule for execution, the expansion project is currently in its final stages, and operational tests will commence shortly.