Connection to the Hadera Desalination Plant – the Dawn of the Desalinated Water Revolution

The Israel’s escalating water crisis   has led to an extensive pooling of resources and efforts at a national level, in order to come up with advanced technological solutions to effect an increase in quantities of water. Due to the continuous depletion in the natural water sources, the primary solution proposed was the desalination of brackish water and seawater, through the construction of a series of desalination plants along the Israeli shoreline.


The project’s success is a great achievement for both EMS Mekorot Projects and for Mekorot and serves as an enormous contribution to the State of Israel and to the water industry. The Hadera plant, which will supply 127 million cu. m. of desalinated water per annum and the water storage system that supplies water to the national system, will serve as a model for connecting additional desalination plants to be situated along the Mediterranean coast.