Pumps and Pumping Equipment

EMS Mekorot Projects is Israel’s leading company in the development, manufacture and refurbishment of vertical water pumps.


As the pump manufacturer for Mekorot – the national water company, EMS has accumulated decades of experience in this field. The Company currently manufactures pumps for institutions from all sectors: Local authorities, water corporations, kibbutzim, moshavim, water companies and large industrial factories.


EMS’s specializes in particularly high discharge rate water pumps, designated for use in boreholes, wells, pumping stations and reservoirs. There are approximately 25 models of pumps featured in the company’s catalogue, including vertical pumps, multi-stage pumps and submerged pumps with discharge rates of up to 6,300 M^3/h , of 6" to 40" diameter.


Pumping Stations


EMS Pumping Stations – Engineering Masterpieces


All the EMS Mekorot Projects pumping stations are engineering marvels in their own right. Whether the project is a large scale pumping station or a small pumping station for an isolated settlement – the Company’s Engineering Team provides every customer with personal attention and executes the design, development, manufacture and installation of all the station’s components, including: Pump heads, turbines - (vertical and submerged), columns pipes oil and water lubrication equipment.


The station’s components are manufactured under stringent control, using innovative state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. In addition to internal quality control, the pumps are also tested at the company’s sophisticated pump testing institute, which is accredited by the Standards Institute for testing water pumps of a discharge rate of 0 to 3,000M^3/h . (In the near future, the discharge rate range for testing is expected to increase to 6,000 M^3/h ).


EMS also specializes in installing pumping equipment, such as water lubrication equipment, oil lubrication equipment, and deeply submerged equipment, shallow and deep boreholes up to 513 meters in depth, as well as experimental pumping to explore the performance of new boreholes.


Dozens of customers in All Sectors of the Economy


Although   EMS’s parent company- Mekorot - is its  main customer   in the field of pumping stations, the Company also implements many pumping station projects for its customers in the public and business sectors, including: local authorities, water companies and corporations, kibbutzim, moshavim and large factories.




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